What's included in each kit?

Our kits include everything you'll need to make two original zero-proof cocktails. Each kit includes ingredients for roughly 6-8 cocktails.

Please note: Many of our recipes call for lemon and/or lime juice. Lemons / limes are not included in your kit and should be purchased fresh separately.


I ordered my kit to be shipped! When will my cocktail kit be delivered?

We currently offer shipping via UPS (with tracking) to customers in the United States and Canada. We aim to pack and ship all orders within 1-2 days.


If I live in Portland, can I pick up my order?

Unfortunately, we're are currently closed for local pickup.


Can I tip on my order?

Well, sure! Tipping is off by default, but anything contributed beyond the cost of your kit will be distributed equally among our team. Thank you!


Are any of your cocktails vegan?

In Kit No. 3, both the Strange Overtones and Another Distant Memory are vegan.

In Kit No. 2, the A Short Distance is not vegan as it includes Honeybee Peach Lychee Lemonade Syrup, which is made with honey. The Camellia Sour is vegan.

In Kit No. 1, the Gentle Persuasion is not vegan as it includes honey. The Rhododendron is vegan.


I'd like to bulk order cocktail kits as a gift! Can I place a custom order?